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15 July 2009 @ 11:43 pm
HBP Movie Review  

I encourage all of you to post your own reviews of the movie, in the comments of this post or in your own post. Just remember not to link to friends only posts! Thank you!

Coming into the movie, I expected to be disappointed just because I heard confirmed rumors that they cut Dumbledore’s funeral. I felt that for such an important character, he needed a grand finale and they just wouldn’t give him that.

When the movie started and there were the flashbacks of Harry going through all the press after losing Sirius, I thought to myself “oh this is serious business.” From that point, I was engaged into the movie. Despite all the changes, cuts, and random additions, for the first time in a Harry Potter movie, I felt the characters' PERSONALITIES were respected. I didn’t even care anymore that they cut off Dumbledore’s funeral; I felt that the movie was so good so far that whatever they did must have been amazing.

+ Obviously, Evanna as Luna was breathtakingly amazing. I love her voice and she was just perfect. I wish there was more of her, though.
+ JESSIE CAVE as Lavender had to be the most hilarious character on there. Oh my goodness, I laughed every time she was on screen. A+ casting director.
+ I’ve never been a fan of Emma as Hermione, but I felt her acting was superb in this movie. Hermione has always been my role model (starting from like 7 years old!) and I really felt like she was back. Also, I saw a hint of her “real” hair when she had it up during potions.
+ Rupert was outstanding. I think everyone can agree he’s one of the best actors out of them all. PLUS HE’S MEGA HOT.
+ Cormac was deliciously funny. All I have to say.
+ Harry = win. The best moment of the movie. “Harry!” “SiiiIIIiirr!” Lol.
+ Tom Felton was excellent. Draco was one of the best things about the movie.
+ Dumbledore and Harry in the cave was just phenomenal. I thought to myself: “THIS is Dumbledore.” A+ to whoever did the effects.
+ I also really loved the scenes of Fred and George’s shop.
+ The addition of the Burrow scene highlighted just the dangerousness of it all, so it was nice of it to be there.

Small things I didn’t like:
+ No Dursleys. A large part of the series was the bond between Lily and Harry, and the bond their blood had. Despite the Dursleys being shitty, they were still his blood and I thought that fact would have been respected. They have kept Harry safe all these years. Not happy, but safe.
+ I really think Voldemort has been one of the more neglected characters in these films. There’s a background to why he’s the most evil wizard ever. He’s a complex character and I thought they served his past no justice. Even if Dumbledore just mentioned about his parents, it would have helped. Also, I wished they had further explained the horcruxes. They should have mentioned the significance of each one.
+ Was Alan Rickman working on eight other movies at this time and couldn’t be there for scenes or something?
+ Harry and Ginny kiss was meh.
+ At the end of the movie, Hermione and Ron haven’t really professed their feelings for each other. At the end of HBP book, you could tell they liked one another and they both realized it. In this … well it was just lame how all the buildup and cute scenes ended up in … nothing.
+ Random: but I had hoped they would somehow work S.P.E.W. into the storyline. How else are Hermione and Ron supposed to have their first kiss? I have NO expectations at all for this. Kloves himself has said he was a Harry/Hermione shipper. I bet you he’ll just have Hermione go “o we r going 2 die I lub you Ron kiss meh!” Ugh, I will be so pissed off if that happens. I also wonder if they’ll let Harry and Hermione’s kiss in DH be longer than Ron and Hermione. Ugh.


Okay, so the entire movie so far had been JUST AMAZING. I truly felt like it was the best adaption so far. Up to the point where Snape kills Dumbledore and he falls off.

And then Harry just stood there. This was where my heart sank. He just stood there. Yes, he followed them, but there was no anger on his face. Maybe it was the music too, but there was NO ACTION. Okay, so the producers/directors/whatever wanted to save a battle for the seventh movie. I get that. The fail of the last few minutes of the movie was totally on Snape and Harry. I felt like I could have handled Harry’s inaction and lack of anger just because he was supposed to be shocked. SNAPE SHOWED NO ANGER AT ALL. THEY COMPLETELY FUCKED UP THE “COWARD” SCENE. Oh my god, and “oh gee btw I am the Half-Blood Prince, lolz” was so horrible. The confrontation scene between the two of them was just so crucial, and I could not understand why the writer/director/producer/whatever decided to go with it. And I can’t honestly see why JKR didn’t throw a fit when she saw what they were going to do. I read in an interview that Kloves promised JKR that he’d respect and hold the integrity of the characters. HAHA FUCK YOU KLOVES.

As just a movie goer, I would give the movie a B, maybe an 83%. This is just because there was a) really no plot when you think of it. I felt like someone who has never read the books would almost assume it was a romantic comedy. And b) after so much buildup in the epicness of the cave scene, it was like a balloon was let loose and it just farted until it was no more and someone had to throw it away.

As a Harry Potter fan, I felt utterly betrayed. I knew the movie would have been different from the books, so I didn’t expect much. But how they handled the reaction to Dumbledore’s death was really out-of-character and just so completely … stupid and wasteful. They could have gotten rid of the Lavender and the window scene (despite its hilariousness) and just devoted a couple of more minutes to give justice to Harry and Snape.

When I entered the theatres, I really had no expectations except a small one of disappointment. Throughout most of the movie, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. When I left the theatres, I felt like I had wasted my money. I just did not like it. I am angry and I want to go and take out David Yates, David Heyman, and STEVE KLOVES.
sarisafari: it would actually kill me | by mesarisafari on July 21st, 2009 05:14 pm (UTC)
I wrote a review in my journal, but it's friends only LOL sorry.

LOL, I loved Harry going "siiirr"..That was the most funny thing ever, and Evanna was lovely!

And as for Alan Rickman, I agree. He was fab, but it wouldn't hurt to see more of him :o
Harry and Ginny had NO chemistry at all.

I missed a fight in the movie and I expected more. And I would've loved to see more Half Blood prince history and more Snape.

I did love the movie :)